Forensic Audits and Securitization Audits


If you have missed 2 or more payments on your mortgage then you should consider getting a mortgage audit to help you persuade your lender to give you a new loan program.

What is a forensic audit?  AUDIT OF THE BORROWER's EXPERIENCE
The audit is a review of the mortgage related documents signed by the borrower on the day of closing.  The audit focuses on disclosure violations of federal law (TILA, RESPA, FDCPA, HOEPA, UCC, and others) and state laws (common law, fees, yield spreads, contract law, and others).  The audit also looks for commissions violations, refund eligibility, misapplied payments, calculation errors, application fraud, and more.

What is a securitization audit? AUDIT OF THE NOTE AND MORTGAGE DEED's EXPERIENCE

The audit is a review of the sale transaction that took place after you received your loan.  The audit focuses on chain of title, note and deed possession issues, and more.


Successful audits can enable you to obtain rates below 3%, term extension as long as 45 years, and (if applicable) STOP Foreclosure.  You could also be entitled to a cash refund or be able to cancel your mortgage all together and get your DEED FREE AND CLEAR!



Commercial and Wholesale Mortgage Audits


If you have a business or are interested in starting your own audit business, you can obtain commercial and wholesale audits from

A Commercial Loan Audit & Analysis involves a very comprehensive analysis of a business and its related property(ies) that are subject to commercial loans. The primary purpose of the audit/analysis is to obtain improved terms on an existing note, and improve the cash flow of the business.

Wholesale Loan Audits are Forensic and Securitization Audits that are priced specifically for business clients.  Each completed audit comes with a complimentary Attorney Consultation. These audits can and have been used sucessfully to:

- Stop foreclosure 

- Obtain loan modifications, 

- Cancel loans, and 

- Assist in winning monetary damages for borrowers

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This easy to use loan modification software will prepare a professional loan modification package for you that is fully ready to be submitted to your lender for FAST approval!!   It also takes into account President Obama's Making Home Affordable Program guidelines, and let's you know exactly what you need to do to have your request qualify for the program!!


The software comes with a step-by-step detailed instructional video that walks you through the 4 easy steps (see the video on this website for a sneak preview).  Also, the video includes abonus feature on How to GET PRINCIPAL REDUCTIONS AND on How to Cancel Mortgages!!




DIY Credit Repair Program Ebook and Software




If you are in need to rebuild your credit history and equity, believe a creditor has wronged you, or your want to get out of debt now this book will open your eyes to the hidden truth credit card companies, credit reporting agencies, and credit repair companies have been hiding from you. 

You will understand how to get back on your feet if you're in credit debt already. You will not only learn how to get out of debt now, you will learn how to avoid overspending, which is one of the possible reasons why you are in debt now.

After reading this book and using the CreditRepairACE Softwre Program, you will know more on how easy it is to clean your credit report, establish good credit and deal with creditors without the assistance of Credit Repair Company. 

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