Commercial Loan Audits
Affiliate Commission Information

Commissions are based on fees quoted on client contracts.  Affiliates will receive a referral contract for each deal submitted which outlines the referral fees.

Audit Report Commissions Percentages (based on Audit Report Only):

Price Range $2,500 - $4,500+   -   25% on Net Proceeds

Negotiation/Mediation Commissions Percentages -- Negotiation is Quoted Separately and May Include Multiple Phases (i.e., New Loan Commitments):

25% On all Negotiation Quotes including Monthly Payments (Paid When Earned)

Note:  Depending on the circumstances, this phase could include commissions over $10,000 (base commission is about .5% - 1.5% of loan amount)!

Attorney Negotiation - State List

Law Suit Litigation - State List

If you use our Loopnet Strategy to get Listing agents to help you, the company will pay the listing agent 10% commission.  See the strategy here.

Example Properties Covered

- Shopping Malls
- Rental Properties (must be more than 4 units)
- Gymnasiums
- Warehouses, and more

Ideal Candidates
  • Income Generating Businesses/Properties (with rents OR other revenue)
  • The Property Must Also Have Mortgage Debt

Become an Affiliate
  1. Complete our agreement: Affiliate Agreement
  2. See Our 4 Step Strategy
  3. Get a Free Unique ID So You Can Add Real Estate Agents to Your Team (see step 2)
  4. Here is our Commercial Mortgage Broker's Guide

Document Review and FREE Quote

1.  Download the Preliminary Commercial Loan Audit and Analysis Checklist
 (  Put your name on the form at the bottom.  Send the Preliminary Checklist to your client.  

NOTE: If the client wants to know if the loan was securitized into a private trust with the preliminary review, we require a $295 search fee that is payable at the time of document intake.

2.  Instruct your client to fax the Preliminary Checklist, with attachments, to 877-702-7286 or email it to   

You will be notified via email when your client’s checklist and documents are received.

NOTE: If the client can only physically mail the documents for evaluation, there will be a $150 service charge. Documents and a check made payable to Strong Family Fund, Inc., can be mailed to 2870 NW 36th Avenue, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33311

3.   Within 3 – 5 business days you will receive the following information:

•    For your client:  A free quote and audit contract for your client signature. Send the quote and contract to your client.  
•    For You:  A referral statement outlining our commission relationship for the subject deal.

Please Use Payment Button for: 
(Full Audit Payments - Quoted Separately, Delivery Fee - $150, or Securitization Searches - $295)

Audit and Loan Analysis

1.  Fax the following documents to 877-702-7286:
•    The client’s signed audit contract, with payment or confirmed payment.
•    Your signed referral contract.

2.  The Audit will be completed within the quoted/contractual period, and sent via the agreed contractual method to the client.  In general, the audit will take 2 – 3 weeks to complete.

3.  You will receive notification, via email, when the audit is sent to the client.

Negotiation/Mediation Services

If requested, these services will commence after the audit is completed and will continue until an outcome is reached.  


Is this a MLM program? 
A - No. Commissions are earned from the sale of audits and other services.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate? 
A -There is no cost to become an affiliate. Simply complete the Affiliate Working Agreement, which includes a non disclosure statement, and start submitting documents for a free review.

Do you provide leads? 
A - No.  Generally, affiliates are professionals in the real estate or an associated industry and have their own client base.  You can also use our 4 Step 
Strategy for free leads.

Are you listed on the Better Business Bureau website?
A – Yes. Check the BBB in West Florida.  And search for Strong Family Fund, Inc.   The rating was an A at the time this response was written.

What are your qualifications to do commercial audits?
A – The Commercial Audit division is new, but the company/principal has been doing audits since 2009, and also has extensive experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, Accounting Policy, tax, auditing standards, financial analysis, and other relevant areas required to complete Commercial audits.  

Additionally, the principal was also the lead accounting analyst on the Ford Motor Company/Land Rover acquisition. This deal included completing due diligence work for the $2B transaction. 

Are the audits done in-house or outsourced?
A – In-house

What's the ball park figure for attorney negotiation services?
A - It will be quoted in the contract.

Does the Agreement protect the affiliate?
A - Yes. Please read it and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

Are you willing to talk with a client, 3-way, about the particulars or general questions to make them feel good about the company?
A - The document review is free. All particulars would be in the quote. At that point there would be something to talk about and we'll do what's necessary to secure the deal.   

Does it include a securitization analysis or audit?
A - Yes, it does include a Securitization Analysis. This is highly specialized because commercial loans are usually managed differently than residential loans. Not all audits will include positive securitization results because many commercial loans are NOT securitized OR not securitized as quickly as residential loans due to size, complexity, and/or general operating procedures.  However, we can do a trust search for only $225 before any work is completed to see if your loan is in a trust.  

See this Sample Audit Excerpt to get an idea of "some" of the other areas of focus.

Does the client pay me (affiliate) or you? If you, how?

A - The client pays the company, via check.  They will receive payment instructions in the contract OR payment can be made via online check here.

When are commissions paid?
A - Commissions are paid after the grace period in the client contract has elapsed.  Each contract will give the client a short 3 days grace period to cancel the agreement.  After that time has passed all funds rendered are non-refundable, and the company will pay the affiliate.

Become an Affiliate

  1. Complete our agreement: Affiliate Agreement
  2. See Our 4 Step Strategy
  3. Get a Free Unique ID So You Can Add Real Estate Agents to Your Team (see step 2)
  4. Here is our Commercial Mortgage Broker's Guide




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